One of our founding organisations that is committed to creating a vibrant ecosystem in Leicester to encourage innovation in all spheres of city life, and to act as a city exemplar. Flokk Lab, headed by Professor Rachel Granger, contributes to the InnoHouse principles by providing new sources of data and new approaches to open data capture in the city, that can be shared and used by all.


Its open ‘Flokk’ software ( provides crowdsourced data on networks in the city, on its creative and innovation hubs, and key value chains that can be mobilised to drive innovation. Its data provision overcomes many of the difficulties of official data at the local level through e.g. ONS and national stakeholders, by incorporating many of Leicester’s microbusinesses, freelancers, and working students, and also by showcasing informal creative hubs. Flokk provided key data underpinning the City’s new smart and cultural strategies.


Flokk Lab’s Leicester Citizen Sensor software provides a platform for citizens to collect open data for the city and to find new data sources to collect that address the qualitative and open elements of Leicester’s Smart Strategy. It also provides a space for providing feedback on city initiatives and services and for expressing new ideas that might be channelled through its innovation lab.


Flokk Lab has played a key role in the development of Leicester’s Urban Innovation Lab (, which acts as a mechanism for its citizens to develop new ideas in the city, for stakeholders to drive disruption in public and private service delivery, and for all parts of the city to come together to co-design new initiatives.


Flokk Lab is committed to working in partnership, to drive a disruptive collaborative approach in the city that leads to meaningful urban innovation.


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Twitter: @urbanspeaker

FLOKK Lab (De Montfort University)



Our residents drive innoHouse's activity. They create, design, develop and implement projects that generate positive impact for people and businesses across the city.

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Solvers Studio

A founding resident and hosts many of our administrative functions, Solvers Studio is an agency that’s committed to creating a vibrant and engaged community of innovators in the city. The agency’s operations is centred around service design, their remit being to develop the innovation capacity in private and public sector organisations, designing and developing services that help them to produce new ways of approaching business and social challenges.


Solvers Studio contribute to the innoHouse principles through supporting startup entrepreneurs, offering training workshops, as well as establishing an Ideas & Beers* networking event which brings together changemakers from across the city to connect and openly share their ideas for a better Leicester.


The agency also holds Huddles in the city; a series of talks, workshops, and knowledge exchanges on a whole host of topics. This is an open community of designers and design thinkers of all backgrounds and persuasions looking to listen, share and develop their own practice.


In 2020, they also bring the Global Service Jam to the city for the first time, supporting hackers in ideation, research, prototyping and testing solutions to a universal challenge simultaneously tackled by teams around the world.


Through their work and partnerships, Solvers Studio will support innoHouse’s mission to drive a collaborative approach to developing meaningful and sustainable innovation projects in Leicester.



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Twitter: @StudioSolvers