We explore how to enact innovation in a day-to-day setting. We examine the results of a cross-sector survey of business habits during the covid lockdown, and the prioritisation of innovation as we come out of lockdown. We examine the role of sector networks in driving ideas and knowledge exchange, cross-sector networks in problem-solving and knowledge diffusion, and an organisation's social spaces for generating ideas. We'll host an 'Ideas and Beers' session (yes, via Zoom!) to illustrate the importance of the social context in innovation. Register here.  

Innovation in Practice

Friday 6th November - 15:00-19:00

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A fireside chat with a leading innovator, CEO Stuart Hetherington of Holovis. Holovis is a world leading authority in immersive virtual and augmented reality, with headquarters in Leicestershire. Holovis are an experiential design company specialising in immersive and mixed reality solutions working on multi-sensory technology, and designing some of the leading international visualisation and software solutions for theme parks, automotive, aerospace and construction industries. Applying expertise to a variety of industries and working on innovative projects, Stuart Hetherington will showcase some of the exciting innovations being developed at their Leicestershire offices, an then talk through innovation cultures in organisational settings, innovation mindsets, and the skills and conditions needed to innovate in a competitive market. 


Holovis has won Company Of The Year at the prestigious AV Technology Awards 2020 and is shortlisted for the Midlands Tech 50.

Stuart Hetherington, CEO of Holovis is not only proud of these achievements but is also passionate about supporting innovation in other Leicester companies, whether technology-based or not. Register here.

Head to Head with Innovation

Thursday 5th November - 16:00-18:30

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